Episode 3: Christian Hagenlocher: 2016 Big Year on a Budget

 I was fortunate enough to meet Christian back in 2016, during my Birders and Blue Jays Big Year.  I had driven down to the US to search for a Barnacle Goose.  Christian had driven out to see it as well.  My memory is vague on the timing and location, other than it was in the middle […]

Episode 2: Yve Morrell and her 2017 Big Year

Pictured above, Yve holding a picture of the final bird of 2017, a Loggerhead Kingbird The Big Year Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts  Spotify and anywhere else you listen to your favorite Podcasts, including Amazon/Audible and Podbean  I first met Yve Morrell in 2017 during her Big Year.  I had flown down to Texas to search for a Jabiru.  A […]