Episode 3: Christian Hagenlocher: 2016 Big Year on a Budget

 I was fortunate enough to meet Christian back in 2016, during my Birders and Blue Jays Big Year.  I had driven down to the US to search for a Barnacle Goose.  Christian had driven out to see it as well.  My memory is vague on the timing and location, other than it was in the middle of nowhere, amongst the agricultural roads, while we searched the farm fields for a single odd duck, ahm, goose, amongst hundreds of Canada Geese.  It was also cold and the wind was whipping across the empty fields, making the search anything but fun. 

(Update: I checked my eBird list for 2016 and discovered it was in New York State on October 30, 2016 in Herkimer County. We had also been at the Zenaida Dove location in Florida at their same time in February, but only crossed paths without an introduction.)

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We chatted briefly about his Big Year and The Birding Project he was using as the impetuous for his Big Year.  At the age of 26, inspired by Kenn Kaufman, and his book, Kingbird Highway, he wanted to see what a Big Year on a budget would be like in the twenty-first century.  As it turned out, he was able to count 752 species, and became the youngest birder ever to pass 750.

So, join Christian and me as we talk about his grand 2016 Big Year Adventurer!

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