Season 2, Episode 3: Krissi Martin’s 2022 Double Big Year Welcome back to The Big Year Podcast.  Sorry to have been gone so long, but birding seemed to drag me away from editing more often than not in April.  Not to mention that I was recovering from a severe hand injury, when I fell after seeing both Ross’s and Snow Geese in Burlington in […]

Season 2, Episode 2, Part Two: Bruce DiLabio’s Canada Big Year Hello there everybody,   Welcome back to The Big Year Podcast. This is part 2 of my chat with the new all time record holder for a Canada Big Year, Bruce DiLabio.  As I type this, it’s a sunny spring day in late March and the excitement of migration season is just around the […]

Season 2 Episode 1 Part1: Bruce DiLabio Canada Big Year Hello Birders, welcome back to The Big Year Podcast.  I am so excited to be back for a second season.  I wasn’t sure we’d get renewed but the birds tweeted their approval and desire to hear from even more Big Year birders, so here I am and boy do I have a great line […]

Episode 3: Christian Hagenlocher: 2016 Big Year on a Budget

 I was fortunate enough to meet Christian back in 2016, during my Birders and Blue Jays Big Year.  I had driven down to the US to search for a Barnacle Goose.  Christian had driven out to see it as well.  My memory is vague on the timing and location, other than it was in the middle […]

Episode 2: Yve Morrell and her 2017 Big Year

Pictured above, Yve holding a picture of the final bird of 2017, a Loggerhead Kingbird The Big Year Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts  Spotify and anywhere else you listen to your favorite Podcasts, including Amazon/Audible and Podbean  I first met Yve Morrell in 2017 during her Big Year.  I had flown down to Texas to search for a Jabiru.  A […]

The Big Year Podcast Episode 1: Sandy Komito

January, 2023: I just completed a Canada Big Year in 2022, seeing and hearing 456 species over the course of birding 365 days straight. I travelled back and forth across the country all year and visited the most incredible birding locations Canada has to offer. I saw 456 species in 10 provinces and 2 territories […]